Fiber Optical cable

The success of optical fiber in early application was due to their well-know advantage as following:
Low transmission loss.
Large information carrying capability.
Immunity toward EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)
Fiber's raw material is an abundant supply of silica.
Fiber doesn't cause external noise and cross-talk.
The diameter of fiber is smaller and the cable running through a narrow space can carry numerous fibers.
Small size and low weight.
Because the technology is rapid growth and the environment is dramatic changes. People have more requirements for transmission. Nowadays, fiber optic cables are recognized as high technology and quality products. Sin Yu fiber optical cable provides with above advantage. It's no wonder Sin Yu fiber optical cable have become the natural choice for closed circuit television and major commercial networks. In application such as video conferencing, medical imagine¡Ketc. Sin Yu fiber optical feature unparalleled performance.

Sin Yu offers variety of types as below to satisfy your requirement.

  1. Loss Tube Type Optical Fiber Cable
  2. Self-Supporting Type Optical Fiber Cable
  3. Indoor Type Optical Fiber Cable
  4. Central Tube Type Optical Fiber Cable
  5. ADSS Type Optical Fiber Cable


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