Coaxial Cable-Low Loss

Signal transmission in electronic application and data communication is changing in a dramatic way. Cables now have to accommodate faster signal speeds over longer distances with less signal loss.

The Sin Yu coaxial cables are designed for providing the excellent properties of high & width band, low signal transmission loss in industry. The typical application of Sin Yu coaxial cable includes TV, audio & video appliance, computer, radar, satellite, antenna, wireless and local area networks...etc.

In order to insure consistent cable performance and uniform electric properties, Sin Yu had introduced the precise quality control testing and electrical inspection to check every critical property-impedance , capacitance, voltage, attenuation, physical characteristics, flame resistance..etc.

Sin Yu provides high quality transmission of coaxial cable as below:
RG Type Coaxial Cable
JIS Type Coaxial Cable
Low Loss Coaxial Cable
Feeder Cable
Leacky Cable

Besides the coaxial cable as above, we can also design the coaxial cable as your special working environment (For example: UV resistance, high temperature resistance...etc.) We create a form for your inquiry, please feel free to enter Design Your Cable. If need getting more detailed information, you can directly enter our Catalogue Download.

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