Control cable

Sin Yu produces assortment of multi-conductor cables with excellent quality and low transmission loss. Generally speaking, the multi-conductor cable be applied in computers, communication, instrument, audio & video, control, medical & data transmission. So no matter what your requirement is, Sin Yu always can satisfy your requirement of special working environment (the cable request heat or cold or oil or chemical resistance...etc.), material (PVC, PE, PP, TPE, Nylon, Teflon, Rubber & TPU...etc.) & structure (Round cable, Oval cable or Flat cable) & Transmission characteristic for power & signal...etc.

Sin Yu provide for high quality multi-conductor cable as below, please kindly check!


UL AWM Style List
1. UL2464 Computer Cable
2. UL2725 Round Cable
3. UL20626 TPE cable
4. Machine Tool Wire(MTW)
5. UL2468 Flat Ribbon Cable
6. UL2651 Flat Cable
7. UL21057 Ribbon Cable
8. H05VV5-F
9. H05VVC4V5-

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